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Wills & Estates

Practical and professional wills and probate advice to help ensure your family's future is protected

I can offer help and advice on:

Your Will

  • Make a will to dictate how your possessions are dealt with on your death

  • Your will has to be legally valid – if you would like to instruct a solicitor in Bristol or North Somerset to ensure this I can supervise the signing of your Will

  • Your assets go where you want them to if I draft a Will for you and are not distributed according to intestacy laws. If you are unmarried partners, your partner will not automatically inherit your assets when you die, unless you have said it in a will.

  • Appoint who should be your beneficiaries and your executors

  • Experienced Bristol Solicitor will guide you through the process.

Are all wills valid?

The short answer is no. For a will to be valid it

needs to be:

  • In writing

  • Properly signed and witnessed and if you want a solicitor in Bristol or a solicitor in weston-super-Mare to ensure this I can supervise the execution of your Will in person.

  • Made by someone age 18 or over

  • Made by someone with the mental capacity to do so

  • Not made as a result of pressure from someone else

It is important that your will is prepared by a solicitor and if you need a Bristol or Weston-super-Mare solicitor I can help.

Do I need a will?

Without a will your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which can mean that your money and possessions end up where you didn’t want them, including with estranged relatives or even the crown as without a valid will your estate will be distributed according to the Intestacy Rules.

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