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Get a divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce

If you wish to instruct a divorce solicitor to deal with the divorce for you, to prepare and submit the

divorce  application form for you, then my own fixed fee for this is £360 includes the following:
·        Advice in connection with divorce
·        Completing the divorce application
·        Issuing the divorce at the court
·        Applying for the first conditional divorce order (formerly known as Decree Nisi)
·        Applying for Final Divorce Order (formerly Decree Absolute)
My  fixed fee does not include the Court fee of £593 or any work in connection with financial or children issues.  Also, there are some situations not covered by our fixed fee
They include the following:
·        Amendments that are required to the divorce application after it is submitted
·        Any court hearings that are required, for example disputed costs claims
·        The whereabouts of the other party are not known
·        Additional applications to the court including dispensing with service, substituted or deemed service
·        Obtaining marriage certificate or applying to the court to proceed without a certificate
·        The respondent does not complete the acknowledgement of service form and personal service is required
·        International elements including issues around which court or country the divorce can or should start in.

Court fee to apply for a divorce

In addtion to the divorce solicitor's fixed fee you will (unless you qualify for a fee exemption or fee reduction),  whether or not you instruct a divorce solicitor to apply for a divorce, be responsible for the court fee of £593 fee to apply for the divorce.

Exemption from the court fee of £593

You may be able to claim an exemption from the court fee, depending upon your income and assets, I can advise you about this and claim the exemption from fees for you if submitting the divorce application on your behalf.

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