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The services that I offer include advice on divorce, child arrangements, and on the financial aspects of divorce, pension sharing orders, and implementing financial settlements, such as transferring a share in the house following a divorce or separation.

Divorce and separation agreements, I can assist with the legal aspects of divorce and relationship breakdown, providing the advice and support you need and for a fixed fee. 

Financial settlements and Property Division, I can provide expert advice on the financial aspects of divorce and financial settlements, help you reach an agreement, refer and support you through family mediation, or prepare and represent you through the Court process if  you do not agree on everything.

Application to Court for a Non-Molestation Order, or an Occupation Order, if you need to apply for a court order to protect yourself (known as an injunction) following domestic violence and you meet the associated persons criteria I am ready to help  with the whole process. To begin with to fill in the form to apply for an injunction, the FL401 form.

Then to apply to the court to order your partner not to use or threaten violence against you, or to be excluded from the property in which you both live.


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Laurence Holmes is a member of The Law Society of England and Wales. 

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Laurence Holmes is registered with HMRC  for Value Added Tax under number 701 1066 00.

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