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Divorce Fees: News and Updates


Full details of how our charges are calculated are set out in our terms and conditions explaining the basis on which we carry out work.
In general, our fees are likely to depend on the work that is undertaken.  The following are just some examples.


A divorce  involves the completion of certain items of paperwork which have to be filed with the courts.
There will firstly be the cost of any advice you obtain from a lawyer and their help in completing the divorce paperwork. 
In dealing with a divorce itself, (not including any financial aspects or child arrangements), fixed prices are available for the divorce itself.
If you are divorcing someone
If you initiate the divorce you will be known as the petitioner. Your lawyer will need to prepare the divorce petition and certain other paperwork on your behalf. If you are initiating the divorce you will be asked to pay the Court fee, if you are the petitioner and you do not qualify for a Fee Exemption or Remission.  In many cases we can claim a remission so that a reduced contribution is payable towards from the court fee, depending upon your income and assets. Aside from the court fee for the person beginning divorce proceedings we do this work for a fixed fee of £360, which includes the VAT.


The courts levy a fee, currently £550.00. You may be able to claim an exemption from the court fees, depending upon your income and assets, we can advise you about this and complete the relevant form on your behalf to claim the exemption or remission from the court saying.


If you are the respondent in a divorce (your spouse has initiated divorce proceedings) and where the divorce is uncontested by you we offer a fixed fee of £180 to handle the divorce on your behalf.  This includes our fees and VAT on our fees. You do not have to pay Court fees.
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